North American Winter Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts

Jan 6 - 8, 2006

The 2006 joint meeting with the American Economic Association will be held in Boston, MA  January 6-8, 2006, as part of the Allied Social Science
Association Meeting. The program will consist primarily of contributed papers.

Program Committee

Susan Athey (Stanford), Chair

Marianne Baxter (Boston University), International Macroeconomics

Estelle Cantillon (Harvard), Market Design/Auctions (Theory and Empirical)

Xiaohong Chen (New York University), Time Series Econometrics

Amy Finkelstein (Harvard), Empirical Applied Microeconomics/Insurance Markets

Penny Goldberg (Yale), International Trade

Ekaterini Kyriazidou (UCLA), Econometrics: Cross-Sectional and Panel Data

Leslie M. Marx (Duke), Applied Theory: IO/Contracts, Corporate Finance

Muriel Niederle (Stanford), Experimental Economics

Monika Piazzesi (Chicago), Macroeconomics: Monetary Policy/Asset Pricing

Valerie Ann Ramey (UCSD), Macroeconomics: Empirical

Julia K. Thomas (Minnesota), Macroeconomics: Theory/Calibration

Petra Todd (Pennsylvania), Labor Economics/Econometrics of Program Evaluation

Jessica Wachter (Pennsylvania), Financial Economics

Andrea Wilson (Chicago), Microeconomic Theory/Choice Theory/Decision Theory

Catherine Wolfram (Berkeley), Empirical Industrial Organization

Leeat Yariv (UCLA), Applied Theory: Political Economy/Psychology and Economics