Econometrica: Oct 1961, Volume 29, Issue 4

Quasi-Concave Programming<779:QP>2.0.CO;2-R
p. 779-800

Alain C. Enthoven, Kenneth J. Arrow

We extend present theorems on conditions for a constrained maximum to the case where the maxim and the constraint functions are quasi-concave (e.g., utility functions). Economic applications are briefly discussed.

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Online Comments

A Note on Arrow-Enthoven’s Sufficiency Theorem on Quasi-Concave Programming: Corrigendum to: Quasi-Concave Programming

In this note, we reconsider Arrow–Enthoven’s (1961) Sufficiency Theorem 1 on quasi-concave programming [Econometrica, 29(4), p. 783]. One example illustrates the fact that condition (c) of their Theorem 1 should include the twice continuous differentiability of the quasi-concave objective function so that the conditions of the theorem are sufficient to identify global optima.

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