New Papers Posted to Econometrica’s Forthcoming Page

The following papers have been accepted and posted to Econometrica’s forthcoming page and may be viewed here:

Credible Auctions: A Trilemma
Akbarpour, Mohammad, and Shengwu Li 

The Speed of Innovation Diffusion in Social Networks
Arieli, Itai, Yakov Babichenko, Ron Peretz, and H. Peyton Young
Tradability and the Labor-Market Impact of Immigration: Theory and Evidence from the U.S.
Ariel Burstein, Gordon Hanson, Lin Tian, and Jonathan Vogel

Generalized Belief Operator and Robustness in Binary-Action Supermodular Games
Daisuke Oyama and Satoru Takahashi

Time Lotteries and Stochastic Impatience
DeJarnette, Patrick, David Dillenberger, Daniel Gottlieb, and Pietro Ortoleva 

Social Media and Protest Participation: Evidence from Russia
Enikolopov, Ruben, Alexey Makarin, and Maria Petrova 

Selection Without Exclusion
Honoré, Bo E., and Luojia Hu 

Revision Games
Kamada, Yuichiro, and Michihiro Kandori 

The Balance Condition in Search-and-Matching Models
Lauermann, Stephan, Georg Nöldeke, and Thomas Tröger 

Liberation Technology: Mobile Phones and Political Mobilization in Africa
Manacorda, Marco, and Andrea Tesei 

Perfect Conditional ε-Equilibria of Multi-Stage Games with Infinite Sets of Signals and Actions
Myerson, Roger, and Philip Reny 

Contract Enforcement and Productive Efficiency: Evidence from the Bidding and Renegotiation of Power Contracts in India
Ryan, Nicholas

Nonlinear Tax Incidence and Optimal Taxation in General Equilibrium
Dominik Sachs, Aleh Tsyvinski, and Nicolas Werquin 


The following papers have been accepted as Online Only Corrections or Comments page and may be viewed here:

Corrigendum to Crawford and Sobel (1982) “Strategic Information Transmission”

Comment Authors: 
Kono, Haruki - University of Tokyo

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, January 14, 2020