Forthcoming Articles

The following papers have been accepted and will appear in future issues of Econometrica. The links below lead to the final accepted papers in their working paper formats. The papers will be copyedited and typeset for publication.

Tasks, Automation, and the Rise in US Wage Inequality

Acemoglu, Daron, and Pascual Restrepo

Optimal Taxation of Income-Generating Choice

Ales, Laurence, and Christopher Sleet

Volatility and the Gains from Trade

Allen, Treb, and David Atkin

The Analytic Theory of a Monetary Shock

Alvarez, Fernando, and Francesco Lippi

(S)Cars and the Great Recession

Attanasio, Orazio, Kieran Larkin, Morten O. Ravn, and Mario Padula

Comment on Jackson and Sonnenschein (2007) “Overcoming Incentive Constraints by Linking Decisions”

Ball, Ian, Matthew O. Jackson, and Deniz Kattwinkel

Full Information Equivalence in Large Elections

Barelli, Paulo, Sourav Bhattacharya, and Lucas Siga

Achieving Scale Collectively

Bassi, Vittorio, Raffaela Muoio, Tommaso Porzio, Ritwika Sen, and Esau Tugume

Determination of Pareto exponents in economic models driven by Markov multiplicative processes

Beare, Brendan K., and Alexis Akira Toda

Firm and Worker Dynamics in a Frictional Labor Market

Bilal, Adrien, Niklas Engbom, Simon Mongey, and Giovanni L. Violante

A Comment on “Using Randomization to Break the Curse of Dimensionality”

Bray, Robert L.

The Effect of Job Loss and Unemployment Insurance on Crime in Brazil

Britto, Diogo G. C., Paolo Pinotti, and Breno Sampaio

Information Hierarchies

Brooks, Benjamin, Alexander Frankel, and Emir Kamenica

Gender Differences in Peer Recognition by Economists

Card, David, Stefano DellaVigna, Patricia Funk, and Nagore Iriberri

Comment on Andrews (1991) "Heteroskedasticity and Autocorrelation Consistent Covariance Matrix Estimation"

Casini, Alessandro

Locally Robust Semiparametric Estimation

Chernozhukov, Victor, Juan Carlos Escanciano, Hidehiko Ichimura, Whitney K. Newey, and James M. Robins

Robust Incentives for Teams

Dai, Tianjiao, and Juuso Toikka

Beyond Health: Non-Health Risk and the Value of Disability Insurance

Deshpande, Manasi, and Lee M. Lockwood

Mechanism Design with Limited Commitment

Doval, Laura, and Vasiliki Skreta

Preparing for the Worst But Hoping for the Best: Robust (Bayesian) Persuasion

Dworczak, Piotr, and Alessandro Pavan

General equilibrium effects of cash transfers: experimental evidence from Kenya

Egger, Dennis, Johannes Haushofer, Edward Miguel, Paul Niehaus, and Michael Walker

Job Search Behavior among the Employed and Non-Employed

Faberman, R. Jason, Andreas I. Mueller, Ayşegül Şahin, and Giorgio Topa

Rules and Commitment in Communication: An Experimental Analysis

Fréchette, Guillaume R., Alessandro Lizzeri and Jacopo Perego

Invidious Comparisons: Ranking and Selection as Compound Decisions

Gu, Jianying, and Roger Koenker

Reply: Invidious Comparisons: Ranking and Selection as Compound Decisions

Gu, Jianying, and Roger Koenker

Fiscal Rules and Discretion under Limited Enforcement

Halac, Marina, and Pierre Yared

Comment on Gu and Koenker, “Invidious Comparisons: Ranking and Selection as Compound Decisions”

Hirano, Keisuke

From Population Growth to Firm Demographics: Implications for Concentration, Entrepreneurship and the Labor Share

Hopenhayn, Hugo, Julian Neira, and Rish Singhania

Nexus Tax Laws and Economies of Density in E-Commerce: A Study of Amazon’s Fulfillment Center Network

Houde, Jean-François, Peter Newberry, and Katja Seim

Household Leverage and the Recession

Jones, Callum, Virgiliu Midrigan, and Thomas Philippon

Monetary Policy, Redistribution, and Risk Premia

Kekre, Rohan, and Moritz Lenel

Comment on “Invidious Comparisons: Ranking and Selection as Compound Decisions”

Kline, Patrick

From Imitation to Innovation: Where Is all that Chinese R&D Going?

König, Michael, Kjetil Storesletten, Zheng Song and Fabrizio Zilibotti

Terrorism Financing, Recruitment and Attacks

Limodio, Nicola

Experimentation and Approval Mechanisms

McClellan, Andrew

Comment on “Invidious Comparisons: Ranking and Selection as Compound Decisions”

Mogstad, Magne, Joseph P. Romano, Azeem M. Shaikh, and Daniel Wilhelm

Market Size and Spatial Growth - Evidence from Germany’s Post-War Population Expulsions

Peters, Michael

Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Markov Regime-Switching Models with Covariate-Dependent Transition Probabilities

Pouzo, Demian, Zacharias Psaradakis, and Martin Sola

Structural Rationality in Dynamic Games

Siniscalchi, Marciano

Making a Narco: Childhood Exposure to Illegal Labor Markets and Criminal Life Paths

Sviatschi, Maria Micaela

A General Framework for Robust Contracting Models

Walton, Daniel, and Gabriel Carroll

Optimal Dynamic Information Acquisition

Zhong, Weijie